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Veterinary Ultrasound

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Ultramedic i3V portable B/W veterinary ultrasound. 

Ultramedic i3V is a hand-carried portable veterinary ultrasound machine, designed to be simple, fast and reliable.

Ultramedic i3V is user friendly and lightweight, only 13 pounds (6Kg), with a 12-inch high resolution matte monitor for working at bright environments.

It has one battery inside (included) that holds up to 2.5 hours of continuous working without any charging. It is perfect to work on farms, small hospitals and emergency rooms. The excellent image quality of Ultramedic i3V fits as the right solution to be used for gender determination, measurements of follicles, and heat detection of cattle and mares to determine best time for insemination. 

Streamlined workflow

Ultramedic i3V has 1-click step only for both image and video storage.

Saved images and videos are right on the screen for easy browsing. 

Images and videos can be sent to USB and read on PC`s. 

Ultramedic i3V is available with 4 different probes:

Linear Rectal*, Micro Convex, Linear and Convex. 

* Linear Rectal cable probe with 9.84 ft (3 meters).

Standard price includes 01 probe at your choice, and you can add more probes as you want.

Warranty Time

Standard price includes 01 probe at your choice, 01 battery, 01 charger, 01 professional bag, 01 keyboard cover, user manual and 18 months of warranty including the exclusive Ultramedic Service Plus. 

Basic specifications:

LED high resolution matte monitor with 12 inch and angle up to 30 degrees.

256 levels of gray scale. AC 240V-100V, 50Hz/60Hz. Lithium Ion Battery.

01 probe connector. VGA Port, Video port and LAN port.

13,22lbs (6Kg). 3 USB. 1 Probe Connector. 3 USB to export exams (images, videos and report).

Save images with 1 click. Cine Loop with 256 frames. Save videos with 1 click.

B mode, BB mode, 4B mode (with Full Screen Mode),  M mode, B/M mode.

AIO - auto image optimization. THI - tissue harmonic image. 4 steps zoom.

Compound and SRA (Speckel Reduction Artefact) Image. 

Anti-Water keyboard cover included.

Professional Carry Bag included.

General Measurements:

8 measures available at one screen. 

B mode: distance, circumference, area, volume, ratio, angle, % stenosis and histogram.

M mode: distance, time, velocity and heart rate.

Archives Management:

8GB flash memory (up to 5,000 images). 

Patient information management (ID, Name, Exam Date).

Patient images record and Patient exam report.


Full screen documentation, Hospital Name, Patient Name, Date/Time, Annotation database available, Pre-saved phrases can be recalled.

Software Package:

Canine: GS, CRL, HD, BD; Feline: HD, BD; Equine: GS; Bovine: BPD, CRL, Trunk Diameter; Ovine: BPD, CRL, Trunk Diameter.


Ultramedic i3V with one probe connector, 1 probe at your choice, 1 professional bag, 1 battery, 1 power charger, 1 keyboard cover, 1 manual and 18 months of warranty US$ 2799.

Additional probes - US$ 1,499.00 (Any of probes available):

Long cable Linear Rectal Probe (5.3MHz - 10.0MHz).

Convex Probe (2.5MHz to 5.0MHz).

Small Parts Linear Probe (5.3MHz - 10MHz).

Micro Convex Probe (4.5MHz - 8.0MHz).

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Veterinary Ultrasound (NEW) - $ 2499


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